Income Tax (English version)

AR-160329308Put your tax return in our hands. Our staff is trained to provide a professional and responsible service in the preparation of your taxes.

Personal Taxes

Receive your refund fast and safe at any of our offices. Remember that if in that moment you do not have money to pay, you should not worry, because we can charge your payment from your refund. Visit the professionals of Latin American Tax!!!

*We help you to process the Tax ID / ITIN

 *Renew the ITIN

 * Forms 1040, 1040Z, 1040A

 *Amendments 1040X Federal and from the State

       * Get your corresponding credits

Business Taxes

* 1099(S) and W2(S)

¤ Fill the 1099(s) for contractors

                   * All types of business tax forms:

¤ Corporations form 1120

¤ S Corporations form 1120S

¤ Partnership Form 1065

¤ Companies LLC

¤ 941

¤ 940

¤ W2, W3, W4

¤ NC3 y NC4

Income tax (PDF)